Kickstarter Release 15 Jan!

By pledging our event on Kickstarter you get rewards which include entry tickets to Tabletop Game Expo 11-12 May 2019 

Tickets are cheaper to get by pledging on kickstarter than by buying online.


There are some rewards for pledging that are only available on kickstarter, incl. early access tickets, luxury Grand Master tickets and Companion tickets.

You'll find kickstarter link here Jan 15.




SEK 120

1-Day Ticket
(Limit 1000)




SEK 220

2-day ticket
(Limit 1000)




SEK 400

Two 2-day tickets
(Limit 500)




SEK 270

1-day ticket

1-day table at the Spelloppis
(Limit 70)




SEK 400

1-day ticket

1-day table at creators ally
(Limit 40)




SEK 440

2-day ticket

1 h early access
(Limit 100)


Our Grand Masters are treated with utmost respect.


Not only do you receive two 2-day tickets with early access so you can bring a friend, you get access to the Grand Master Lounge, where you and your friend will find refreshments during



SEK 2500

the entire event, and where you both can leave your things in a manned wardrobe, only for Grand Masters.


We can only receive 20 Grand Masters total (10 pledges) at Tabletop Game Expo 2019.